Tee Shirt Gifts - No Sew

As you know, our Stampin' Up! girls got together for a Christmas party last week.  One of the gifts was an awesome scarf made out of a tee-shirt.  The woman who made it, gave directions on how to make one, so I listened intently and decided to give it a try.  And I had to document it in pictures, so I could show you as well.  Then I had some left over tee-shirt and decided to make a hair decoration as well. Oh, did I mention, there was no sewing involved.

First you take any Tee, I chose a 2XL Black from the 5 for $10.00 Shirt shop.

Next, you take a plate and use that as a template to cut out circles.

Next, spiral cut the circles inward. The smaller the thickness of the spiral, the longer the scarf will be).

Tie all the spirals together in the middle, using a piece of the sewn arm or bottom.

Wrap around neck and leave as is, or tie with a pretty pin.

I had some left over small pieces of the Tee, so I made a mini version and tied it to a barrett. 

Very cute for the neck and/or the hair.  
Ooh, how about wearing them both together.  
Eeek, I just got excited thinking about it.  
Look out New Years Eve Party, here I come!!!

~Living the Fairy Tale Life~

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