Hard Candy Ornaments

Today, I was playing around with hard candy and was wondering if you can stamp on it.  
 Well, it turns out, you can!  You take the hard candy mints out of the wrapper and melt in the over.  You can melt it for 5 minutes and it will create bubbles, 
 or you can melt it for only a couple minutes and it will keep some of it's shape, you can then let it sit for a few seconds until it cools slightly.  Then ink up your stamp and press it into the semi-melted candy.  You can use a toothpick to make a hole for an ornament.

 I have been playing with it for a few tries and this is what I managed to create.  
Who knew you could stamp on Hard Candy?  

Well, now I do, and you do too!  Can't wait to see your creations.  
If you decide to try this, please email me a picture of your creation to jeanpiersanti@gmail.com

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Easy Events Christmas Card

Here is a Christmas Card I made in less than 3 minutes.  Any last minute cards are pretty simple as long as you have the following. Stamps with multiple versus/holidays along with Snail Adhesive, Whisper White Card Stock and Colored Card Stock, Ink and some designer paper.  For this card I used my Big Shot for a bit of texture, but it is not necessary.  I used the Easy Events Stamp Set for this card.  I love this set because you can make Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Baby Shower Cards, Wedding Cards, Thank you Cards and more.  If you would like a list of all the products I used to make this card please email me directly at JeanPiersanti@gmail.com.  All of the mentioned products are available on my website at www.jeanpiersanti.stampinup.net

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Stampin' Up! Clearance Rack

Yes, Stampin' Up! is having a Clearance Rack Sale and you can save up to 80%.  Order online at http://www.stampinup.net/esuite/home/jeanpiersanti/promotions

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Easy Cherry Chip Cookies

I know, it's Christmas, but as I was making my Christmas Cookies I couldn't help but think about Valentine's Day and all the great Valentine's Day Cards I will be making.  I am going to have a Valentine's Workshop in January and will be serving these great Cherry Chip Cookies.  Just like a hand stamped card, they are great for both holidays. And can you believe they are made out of just four ingredients and takes less than 15 minutes from ingredients to mouth.

Cherry Chip Cookies Recipe

Mix the following together:
1 Box of Cherry Chip Cake Mix
1 Stick Butter Melted
1 Egg
Powdered Sugar

Once mixed, roll in small balls, the size of large gumdrops, then roll in powdered sugar.
Set oven to 350 degrees and bake for 10 minutes.
Yields over 3 dozen cookies.

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Tee Shirt Gifts - No Sew

As you know, our Stampin' Up! girls got together for a Christmas party last week.  One of the gifts was an awesome scarf made out of a tee-shirt.  The woman who made it, gave directions on how to make one, so I listened intently and decided to give it a try.  And I had to document it in pictures, so I could show you as well.  Then I had some left over tee-shirt and decided to make a hair decoration as well. Oh, did I mention, there was no sewing involved.

First you take any Tee, I chose a 2XL Black from the 5 for $10.00 Shirt shop.

Next, you take a plate and use that as a template to cut out circles.

Next, spiral cut the circles inward. The smaller the thickness of the spiral, the longer the scarf will be).

Tie all the spirals together in the middle, using a piece of the sewn arm or bottom.

Wrap around neck and leave as is, or tie with a pretty pin.

I had some left over small pieces of the Tee, so I made a mini version and tied it to a barrett. 

Very cute for the neck and/or the hair.  
Ooh, how about wearing them both together.  
Eeek, I just got excited thinking about it.  
Look out New Years Eve Party, here I come!!!

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Personalized Ornaments

Do you know someone that has a name that is rarely found in the personalized section?  If so, this would be the perfect gift for them.  Go down to your local thrift shop or nearby garage sale and you can usually find a scrabble game for about $3.00 or so.  This will give you the letters to create multiple ornaments. I took a popsicle stick and hot glued the scrabble tiles to it.  Then I used old buttons and some coordinating ribbon to create these ornaments for my husband.  I also created them for my family and friends and used them for place holders at the dinner table (people had a great time scoring their names and comparing with others at the table).



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Can I smell Christmas without a live tree?

The answer is yes, the smell of Christmas is easy to create.  We will be out of town next week and didn't want to buy a live tree until we got back, as to not have the tree dry out without watering.  It was bittersweet, as I am doing all my Christmas cards and wrapping gifts, because I was missing the smell of Christmas.  So I gathered some items that I had in the house and made my own potpourri of Christmas scents.  I had some clementines, Craisins and some cinnamon sticks, so I cut up the clementines and threw all the ingredients in a pot of boiling water.  My house smells like Christmas and I am loving it!  If you have any other scents concoctions, I would love to try them.  I am going to bag these goodies up and put a Christmas hand stamped topper on it and give it to my neighbors and the kids school teachers I think they would love this thoughtful gift.

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Christmas Gift - Handmade!

The group of Stampin' Up! girls are getting together this week for our Christmas party.  I can't wait.  I know I want to take part in their gift exchange because they all are so talented and I can't wait to see all the wonderful handmade items that they create for the exchange.  I made this Magnetic/Wipe Off board made out of a cookie sheet, picture frame and Stampin' Up! paper.  I hope the person I exchange with likes it.

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I have found a new site called Blitsy.com  They have some great stuff at up to 60% Off, perfect if you are any type of crafter, but especially a stamper!  Here is the link to sign up, if you are interested 

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