Day 37

No time for Stampin' today, instead I spent the day delivering handmade cards and candy to special clients.  They were very much welcomed.  The evening was spent making candy apples with the kids and husband.

Recipe for Candy Apple:
3 Cups Granulated Sugar
1/2 Cup Karo Syrup
1 Cup Water
1/2 Teaspoon Red Food Coloring

Place all ingredients in Pot and stir.  Continuing stirring as mixture begins to boil.  Keep at boil until mixture get to 300 degrees.

Dip apples in mixture and rotate to fully cover apple.  Bring apple out of mixture and continue to turn until excess mixture falls back into pot.  Place candy apples on wax paper to cool and harden.

Will cover 8 apples.  Make sure you have sticks in your apples prior to dipping.  If mixture begins to harden, return pot to burner and re-heat.

Happy Halloween!

~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Day 35

Today my husband wanted to go to a yard sale, as he said he saw some SCUBA equipment he was interested in buying, so I went with him, as I am always up for a garage sale or two.  He spent $2.00 on a Dive Book and I spent $28.00.  This yard sale had buttons, card holders and handled bags that are just waiting to be stamped.  I also found a great shelf that I can store many stamping items in.  It was the deal of the day.  This evening I am going to move and re-organize all my stamping equipment.  I will take a picture when it is complete. ~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Day 33

Okay, so I have found my camera and will start doing technique videos. Be on the lookout, as I am learning some great new ideas.  If you have any techniques you find interesting and would like demonstrated in person, let me know and we can work that out, one way or another.  I want to hear what your favorite techniques are?  Oh yes, and I have been shown a whole new world called Pinterest.  If you have not heard of it yet, beware.  It is awesome and could consume your day and night.  If you already know of it, then click here to  follow me on Pinterest.  If you want to know more about it, here is my link to Pinterest. Waiting to hear from you, until then I will be...

~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Day 32

Getting ready to go to another Girls Night Out.  This is what started it all for me.  I had such a great time that I wanted to make it part of my everyday life.  I have met such a great group of girls as well.  They are so creative and inspiring.  I am looking forward to coming back with more ideas for you.   I have also been looking for a lot of inspiration on the internet and have found some great videos.  Since I am now living in Arizona,  I am thinking I may want to try making a video or two to show my friends in California how to make a quick project using rubber stamps.    Speaking of California,  I will be heading out to the O.C. and will have a stamp class out there on Thursday.  This was just scheduled, so hopefully I will get some good ideas from tonight's Girls Night Out.  Below is a photo of all the great swaps I got from these talented women.  If you are interested in joining us, please email me at jeanpiersanti@gmail.com or visit my website at jeanpiersanti.stampinup.net  so you can join me while I am... ~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Day 29

I have been in Las Vegas this past week, so I haven't done much for Stampin', however I did get a new recruit signed up through my website www.jeanpiersanti.stampinup.net I also came home and was able to stamp some cards for an upline card swap.  The swap is to use items from the Holiday Mini Catalog.  I created a Hawaiian Shirt using the Pines and Pointsettias Stamp Set.  It is amazing what you can see when you open up your mind and think outside the lines.  Here is a picture for your review.  Looking forward to my Upline meeting, so I can learn more from people who have been doing this much longer than myself.  ~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Day 20

Well, I haven't been able to post in a few days.  I have another job and have been travelling, but I still have good news.  I have a friend who is a stamper and she took advantage of the free BigShot for becoming a demonstrator.  So even though I wasn't in town I was able to sign up a new demonstrator through my website www.jeanpiersanti.stampinup.net .  I am so glad I bought the website.  If you are a demonstrator reading my blog I suggest you take advantage of the website through Stampin' Up!  If you are a stamper who is looking to become a demonstrator, please feel free to join with me by clicking here or visit http://www.stampinup.net/esuite/home/jeanpiersanti/jointhefun
~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Day 16

I am currently listening and on the Stampin' Up Webinar.  It is 11:30pm and it is the first webinar that is kicking of the Book-A-Thon.  It is to late to make calls, but I will surely be calling people tomorrow with hopes of getting some workshops booked.  If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please let me know.  My open dates are always posted on my calendar within my website www.jeanpiersanti.stampinup.net  If you know of anyone who likes to be creative, please also tell them about me.  I am so excited to be able to share what I love!
~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Day 15

I signed up for a Stampin' Up! Demostrator Boot-camp and today was the first day.  I have received some great ideas and it is only the first day!  I can't wait for more.  I also created a birthday card for Shelli Gardner from Stampin' Up!.  This is the first card I made and will send as a demonstrator.  It is so gratifying to say you did it yourself.  Here is a picture of it!  As you can tell it goes along with the theme colors I have for this blog as well as my meetup.com group.  I just think, you can't go wrong with Pink, Black and White.  They are so clean and yet feminine at the same time.  ~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Day 14

As you can see I didn't post anything yesterday, that is because I was too busy getting ready for my first workshop last night.  I had four women show.  We had a cupcake theme.  We ate cupcakes and other snacks and we used the create a cupcake stamp set and coordinating punch that came with my kit to make some nice cards.  I didn't get any sales from this event which was a little hard, but I did get a couple bookings for the future and hoping that will bring in some sales.  I did have a lot of fun and it was an evening of hanging out with other ladies, so all in all I would say it was a success.  Lot's of laughs and creativity!  ~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Day 12

Oh things are getting better, I had 3 people join my MeetUp Workshop for tomorrow.  So my first workshop as a Stampin Up demonstrator should have about 8 people.  Will post pictures and let you know how it goes tomorrow.  ~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Day 11

In a word... EXCITED!!!  I met with my upline and found so many easy ways to search for samples.  I was having a hard time searching through google and viewing various blogs.  So as I mentioned yesterday, I was getting a little impatient.  Today however, I found that Stampin' Connections is available for demonstrators to view various articles about the business.  A lot of great tips and guess what else??? SAMPLES!!!  So now I can put together a card to demo at my first workshop.  Wish me luck!  Until then I am ~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Day 10

I am meeting with my upline tomorrow.  I am gathering all my questions I have for her.  She has her business put together pretty well, so why not learn from the best.  I am looking forward to our visit tomorrow.  I must admit though, I am feeling a bit lost.  So tomorrow will be welcomed well.  I feel I need to write the good as well as the bad, as I want people to know exactly what they can expect when becoming a demontstrator.  I am sure this is a good decision for me.  So until then I will be...
~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Day 9

Okay, I have built a meet up to build my workshops.  If you are interested, the meetup in called Phoenix Stamping Beauties and the link is  http://www.meetup.com/Phoenix-Stamping-Beauties/  If you are in the greater Phoenix area and want to join us, please feel free.  We would love to see more friendly faces.  I am also thinking of creating or joining a card swap to grow my samples.  If you know of any, please let me know.  Until then I wil be... ~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Day 8

It has, officially, been one week since I became a Stampin' Up demonstrator.  My husband is so supportive, he pulled out all my stamps today so I could go through them and enjoy my hobby and new business.  I created a Meet Up on Meetup.com site called Phoenix Stamping Beauties.  I am hoping it will be a great way to drum up some external business. Of course, I have already "hit up" my family and friends and have booked a couple workshops through them.  I realized that I need to do some planning on creating an open calendar, so I know what dates I have available for workshops.  I want to post pics of my latest stamping creations, but someone has misplaced the cord to my camera.  I will have to buy a new one soon.  Until then, I will be Stampin' and ~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Day 7

Well, it's been a week now.  Tomorrow I am planning on a full of Stamping, can't wait to post some cards for you to see.  I did find out that Stampin' Up is having an awesome promotion to become a demonstrator.  I missed out, I was a week to early, but you don't have to miss out.  When you sign up to be a Stampin' Up demonstrator within the month of October 2011, you not only get everything you would normally get, you also get your choice of a Big Shot die cutting machine or $100 in Stampin' Up products, whichever you choose (I have posted a flyer for you below)  If you are interested in becoming a demonstrator, I would be more than happy to help you, just visit my website at www.jeanpiersanti.stampinup.net. Until then I will be ~Living the Fairy Tale Life~