Hard Candy Ornaments

Today, I was playing around with hard candy and was wondering if you can stamp on it.  
 Well, it turns out, you can!  You take the hard candy mints out of the wrapper and melt in the over.  You can melt it for 5 minutes and it will create bubbles, 
 or you can melt it for only a couple minutes and it will keep some of it's shape, you can then let it sit for a few seconds until it cools slightly.  Then ink up your stamp and press it into the semi-melted candy.  You can use a toothpick to make a hole for an ornament.

 I have been playing with it for a few tries and this is what I managed to create.  
Who knew you could stamp on Hard Candy?  

Well, now I do, and you do too!  Can't wait to see your creations.  
If you decide to try this, please email me a picture of your creation to jeanpiersanti@gmail.com

~Living the Fairy Tale Life~

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