Can I smell Christmas without a live tree?

The answer is yes, the smell of Christmas is easy to create.  We will be out of town next week and didn't want to buy a live tree until we got back, as to not have the tree dry out without watering.  It was bittersweet, as I am doing all my Christmas cards and wrapping gifts, because I was missing the smell of Christmas.  So I gathered some items that I had in the house and made my own potpourri of Christmas scents.  I had some clementines, Craisins and some cinnamon sticks, so I cut up the clementines and threw all the ingredients in a pot of boiling water.  My house smells like Christmas and I am loving it!  If you have any other scents concoctions, I would love to try them.  I am going to bag these goodies up and put a Christmas hand stamped topper on it and give it to my neighbors and the kids school teachers I think they would love this thoughtful gift.

~Living the Fairy Tale Life~

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