Copying is not Cheating

I know, I hear it all the time "you are so creative", well the truth is, I find things I like and copy them.  Whether it is copied verbatem or just using a good layout and creating my own.  I happen to like the latter much better.  I feel like I have a little of the creativity everyone "thinks" I have.  So this month, my weStamp group used the following sketch and we were asked to create a card using the following layout. (Looks like it came from the following blogger: Karen Giron.  Thanks Karen for the great layout!)

This is what I came up with.  What do you think?  I kinda like it.  Feel free to use this layout to come up with a design on your own.  Once complete, please share as I love to see other's ideas. Just beware, I may copy

~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Card Swaps - Grow your Collection

I love to swap cards, everyone has such great ideas and I have a few, so I like turn my few ideas into hundreds of cards.  If you have never swapped, I would suggest finding a group and grow your selection of cards.  Remember when you are create a card for your swap, make sure it is a card that you would like to receive.  This is the card I created for a swap next week for my Stampin' Up! weStamp group (a lovely group of Stampin; Up! demonstrators).


~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Chocolate Chip Cake Pops

I have to share, I haven't seen this on any cake pop/donut holes yet.  I was in the mood for chocolate chips today, so I whipped up a quick batch of cake pop mix and put some chocolate chips in the middle.  They came out wonderful.  I know that I have seen people put lots of stuff in cupcakes, but I haven't seen them in cake pops.  Maybe I was missing something, but now I am in the know and you are too!  Are there any items you have put in your cake pops/donut holes?

~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


Paint Swatches

I just love Home Depot, they have all the paint swatches I could ask for.  I love that the swatches have all the perfect colors to make an easy and quick card for any occasion.  Together with my Stampin' Up! products, I can make a card for any and all occasions in under three minutes.  And they look so cute, I love it.  I grabbed about ten swatches of different colors and will be trying all different looks.  I will post them as I make them.  Here is my first go at it. (Sorry, for the horrible picture lighting)

~Living the Fairy Tale Life~