Store and Organize Your Stamping Punches

If you are like me, you love your punches.  The problem is, I am always trying to find a spot for them as I add to my collection.  So I was at Anna's Linens today and picked up a couple of $5.00 curtain rods.  You know the kind that you would use in a kitchen window or something small like that.  Well I find a really cute decorative one (they have plain white ones as well).  I hung up the rod on the wall above my stamping desk and started hanging the punches.  They fit, all sizes fit, not just the big ones or small ones.  Now I will know where my punches are, with just a glance, within reach and see exactly which punch I want to use.  This is much better than searching through a bucket or drawer.  The best part is, they expand!  So if you have more punches, you just expand it.  If you are going to grow your collection, then I would suggest expanding first, as you don't want to have to put more holes in your walls.  I kept mine at the smallest size, for durability and will just add more rods when needed.

~Living the Fairy Tale Life~

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