My Valentine

So I have to share...
First off, I hope you had a great Valentine's Day yesterday.  My husband is my valentine everyday.  He opens the car door for me everyday of the year and don't get jealous, but he does all the laundry in our house.  I am truly blessed to have such a great guy.  Well, I could go on forever, but I have to share what I got yesterday.  I did get roses and chocolate covered strawberries, but I think the best thing was him invading my card stash and finding the perfect valentine's card for me.  I don't know if this was swap or if I had done this myself at a stamp camp.  Who knows, but what I do know is I loved it! 

Thank you to whomever created this great valentine for me and thank you Tony for loving me so much that you found the perfect card!

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  1. Cute!! I recognize the card from a class at my home! Who knew it would come back to bless you again! :) Thanks for sharing, that's quite a guy you have!