21 Years Old

It is midnight and my son just turned 21 years old.  It seems like he was just a little one in my arms, time sure does fly by.  I realize this is the drinking age, so rather than pretend like he hasn't already had four or five years of practice, I figuered I would celebrate his age of true adulthood and legal drinking age.  What do most 21 year old want?  Yes, that's right money and booze.  So rather than giving him a bouquet of roses, I made him bouquet of a dozen different types of liquor in a beer mug.  And since he isn't a baby any longer (although he will always be MY BABY!), I didn't use baby's breath as a filler, but rather,  money!  I am 100% positive he will like this gift and pretty sure he will remember it (or maybe not after he tries each of the, shall we say, flavors).  So here I am a mother of a 21 year old and still giving my baby a bottle.  Happy Birthday Garrett!  I love you!!!

~Living the Fairy Tale Life~


  1. Oh my Gosh!, Jean!
    How did you DO that?!! You must include instructions. I know at this point you can't include a step by step but how did you fasten the little bottles to the...sticks? That is brilliant!

  2. Thanks Michelle, it was actually very easy I used Stampin' Up!'s Very Vanilla Card Stock (Cut it to the size of the back of the bottle) and Sticky Strip (this is very strudy and tacky). That was able to hold most of the bottles. For the bigger glass bottles, just to be safe, I used the card stock and sticky strip, but also added some Stampin' Dimensionals. They all held up really well. I gave it to him today and he and all his buddy's kept looking at it in awe. It really went over well.

  3. wow! What a great idea! My son is in the Navy and is heading to his first duty-station which will be aboard a submarine. He'll turn 21 a few days after he arrives there. He's home now on Liberty. This will be just the thing to give him! It won't take up a lot of room and he'll get some money, too. I love your story of how you thought of this. thank you so much for sharing this awesome idea! I am heading out this morning to buy the needed supplies.