Day 5

It's here!!!  I got my starter kit today.  My dog was more excited to see the UPS driver than I was (which I didn't think was possible), it was so funny.  She ran out of the house and into the big brown truck.  She scared the UPS girl, we had to calm here down and told her Lucy wouldn't bite.  So now I am getting all my stamping things in gear.  I have built my hostess packets, not really sure what all needs to go in there, so I will ask my upline when I meet with her next week.  I sure do like that the rubber is cut for you now.  It didn't used to be that way, in fact I had my sciccors ready to cut and found that not only do I not need to cut my stamps, but also you don't have to use the wooden blocks, if you choose not to.  I am looking forward to trying the clear block stamps!  So, I will get stampin' and show you the samples soon, but for now I will show you a picture of Lucy, the UPS loving dog!   ~Living the Fairy Tale Life~

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