Day 4

I had dreams all night last night about my first workshop, which will be happening next week on October 7th.  I haven't received my kit yet, so as soon as it comes in I will have to work on getting a few demonstrations ready.  My background is in sales & marketing so I am following all the rules I give the clients that I consult.  I created a website, created a blog, let everyone know what I am doing and asked them all to come to my workshop.  For ease, I have added a few links to my blog. They are Catalogs (so my visitors can have and view any catalogs at a glance), Join My Team (so just in case anyone has made their decision to join after following my blog and seeing how easy or hard it is and realize they are up and ready for the challenge) and finally More Blogs and Websites (this is some other blogs and website that I find are useful and have good ideas, since I just started and don't really have any samples yet)  I don't have any followers yest, but I have already had 16 page visits (most of which are probably my own ; o ) I can't wait to start seeing followers and comments as this blog comes to life! Until then, I will keeping on ~Living the Fairy Tale Life~

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