Making Dollar Tree Art with Acrylic Pouring

Hi Beauty~

This week, I’ve been working  with Acrylic Flow Paints.  Arteza made it pretty simple because they sell already, made for acrylic pouring, pour paints. However, Dollar Tree has acrylic paints as well, you would just need to thin them down using water/or Floetrol (can be found at any paint store or Home Depot).  Use code BeautyandtheStamper10 to save on your Arteza Purchase when you get your Arteza supplies at: ARTEZA.COM

 I used a wood cut out of a cactus from the Dollar Tree.  They have so many great shapes.

Check out the video(s) of my pour and resin, in case you want a nice art finish. 
And here is my finished project.  I hope you enjoy it!

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