Alphabet Letter Gifts

I love making custom pieces for the home or to give as gifts.  I was at an art fair is San Diego and came across a guy who was selling framed letters that you can spell anything with.  After he spelled out my last name, the price he quoted me was over $70.00  So as a crafter I thought "I can do this myself".   I think if you look up the word crafter you would see a warning that says "don't let them see your work, they will steal the idea and make it themselves".
I found a GREAT flickr photo site.  It is an amazing source for letter photos.  There are literally hundreds of each letter.  You can see that site HERE!  You simply download for FREE and print from your own printer… Pretty darn cheap and easy!
I found the letters I wanted to use and saved them onto my computer (note to self:  I should start a folder, just for saved alphabet letters)  I then opened Word on my computer and "draw" four boxes, then copied the lettered into my draw boxes.  I double clicked the pictures and changed the color to gray-scale.  Then I drew one bog box, added the sunset template color and sent that box to the back.  Printed the entire thing and will put into a picture frame.
You can do this with peoples name and make a great, unique gift for a birthday, wedding or whatever.  Great for decorating as well.
You can also frame each individual letter and make any length word, great for hanging over a sofa, if the frames are large enough and spread evenly.

~Living the Fairy Tale Life~

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