AYOPA - New Word

Okay, I have a new word "acronym" for all those husbands out there who don't understand how awesome Pinterest is.  It is AYOPA.  I hear it everyday~Living the .  It seems like everytime my husband walks in the room he asks "Are you on Pinterest Again", so I have decided to just shorten it for him.  Hence my new word AYOPA.  And of course, I can answer AYUPA, no acronym, just sound it out. Uh, Yup!!!  He sure doesn't mind eating all those delicious treats and snacks that I have to create every time I see a new pinned recipe.  Does he love it?  AYUP!!!

1 comment:

  1. That is hysterical! I could use that expression a lot for all kinds of things. For me it is watching Food Network shows. He sure eats the food though. Great blog. Fun feel to it!