Block Hand Lettering for Beginners

Hi Beauty~

So, what is my newest obsession you ask?  I am trying different types of hand lettering.  I am using it for my Junk Journals, Bible Journaling, Pocket Letters and Addressing my envelopes and packages.  I am having so much fun learning new techniques.  This week, I tried my hand at block lettering.  I didn't have anything to copy after, so I kinda just tried and saw what came of it.  I liked what came out so of course, you could probably finish my sentence at this point... Yep, I made a video for you to see. Here is a video.

Here is a sped up version as well.

What do you think?  Myself?  I think it was pretty nice for being so simple!  And, as for the pens I am using (everyone always asks).  Here is where I got mine from.


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