80's Birthday - Pac Man Cake

It's the day after and I am alive to tell you about the "totally tubular" pac man cake I made for my husband's 30th birthday.  We had an 80's themed birthday party and I wanted to make him a cake that 80's.  What is more 80's than a Pac Man cake.  Okay, maybe a John Hughes film, but I have no idea how to make a Breakfast Club cake.  So I went with Pac Man.  I must say, it was surprisingly easy.  I just baked two boxes of store bought cake mix and put it in one 13x9 size cake.  I did have to cook it longer, since it was two boxes in one pan.  I baked at 400 degrees and added about 25 more minutes to the time of just one cake.  Make sure to save some dry cake mix to flour the sides of the pan with before you fill it with batter, so the cake will come out more easily.  Then to decorate, I used blue cookie icing, a few pieces of taffy, that I formed into the pac man and monster shaped, white chocolate chips and a tub of milk chocolate frosting.
I must say, I got a lot of compliments and thought it came out pretty good myself.  This caked served all 20 of our guests and only cost about $10.00 to make. Oh, by the way, I dressed up as Boy George...lol

~Living the Fairy Tale Life~

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